Oracle has more employees within the Bay Area than in Texas after moving its headquarters in 2021

Three years after Oracle Corp. After moving its headquarters from California to Texas, CEO Larry Ellison said he was planning one other move – this time to Nashville.

Documents show that many employees didn’t follow Oracle's move. Oracle still has more office staff in California, where the corporate was founded and based for a long time, than in Texas.

There are about 6,900 employees in California offices, nearly 3 times the two,500 employees assigned to those in Texas, in line with internal documents seen by Bloomberg.

And most of Oracle's U.S. employees aren't assigned to any office in any respect. Approximately 37,000 U.S. employees are considered teleworkers. This also includes managing director Safra Catz, who’s listed as a “home worker” in Florida. Ellison, the corporate's co-founder and chief technology officer, is thought to spend plenty of time in Hawaii, where he owns the island of Lanai. It couldn’t be determined wherein states the opposite distant staff live.

The worker data highlights how amorphous the term “headquarters” will be for global firms like Oracle. An Oracle spokesman didn’t reply to a request for comment.

The Silicon Valley star's decision in December 2020 to decide on an Austin campus for its recent headquarters was widely cited for example of California's declining economic importance. The relocation of other California firms to Texas, including Charles Schwab Corp. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., appeared to make the purpose clear.

But the software giant never really left. The California offices in Redwood City, Santa Clara and Pleasanton remain amongst the corporate's largest and are special hubs for the region's well-known technical talent. Even San Francisco's baseball stadium, called Oracle Park, will retain the corporate's name until not less than 2038.

In fact, more employees report working in offices in Missouri than in Texas. This is as a consequence of its 2022 acquisition of electronic health records company Cerner, which was headquartered in Kansas City. Other key worker centers are positioned within the Seattle, Boston and Denver regions, in line with the documents.

More than half of Oracle's 158,400 employees as of September worked outside America, the corporate said.

Nashville is a sexy location for Oracle due to its central role within the healthcare industry and top quality of life, Ellison said last week. In 2021, Oracle received $175 million in incentives from town of Nashville and $65 million from the state to assist construct a campus in town where the corporate guarantees to create 8,500 jobs.

Oracle has not publicly stated what changes a move to Nashville would mean to its presence in Austin. But if the most recent headquarters move is any example, it might be rather a lot lower than the fanfare suggests.

–With assistance from Shelly Hagan and Amanda Albright.

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