Pro-Palestinian students leave the Paris University campus constructing

PARIS (AP) — Students in Paris inspired by Solidarity camp within the Gaza Strip On campuses across the United States, a campus constructing at a prestigious French university was peacefully evacuated late Friday after days of tension.

The head of the Paris Institute for Political Studies, referred to as Sciences Po, said an agreement had been reached with students on Friday. Sciences Po's many famous graduates include President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal.

Tensions erupted on campus when pro-Palestinian students attempted to occupy an amphitheater earlier this week.

On Friday, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protesters faced off in a tense confrontation on the road outside the varsity. The riot police intervened to separate the rival groups.

The students later agreed to go away the premises.

Pro-Palestinian protester and Sciences Po student Wajih, who refused to provide his last name for fear of university disciplinary motion, said: “The occupation has paused for now.” But we’ll proceed to support the Palestinian movement as an entire, we’ll other universities will support, we’ll support all around the world until Palestine is free.”

The university management closed all university buildings on Friday and switched classes to online courses.

The Gaza war There is great division in France, where most Muslims and Jews live in Western Europe. France initially desired to ban it pro-Palestinian demonstrations afterwards Hamas surprise attack on October seventh on Israel, which began the war. Anti-Semitism has increased sharply.

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