After a sweltering Saturday, temperatures are expected to drop within the Bay Area – The Mercury News

After a scorching hot Saturday, when parts of the Bay Area experienced temperatures starting from 35 to over 60 degrees, Sunday should bring some relief.

“Today will be cooler overall than yesterday,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Rachel Kennedy. “We expect temperatures about five to six degrees cooler than yesterday.”

Temperatures are expected to be between 30 and 35 degrees in parts of the Bay Area, but Kennedy said it won't be hot enough to trigger a heat warning like yesterday.

Today it would probably be hottest within the easternmost a part of the East Bay Hills and within the northern parts of Sonoma and Napa counties. In the South Bay and East Bay it would probably be mildest in comparison with Saturday.

According to Kennedy, similar temperatures are expected on Monday and Tuesday next week, with these temperatures dropping even further by the center of the week.

Even if the National Weather Service doesn’t issue a heat warning, Kennedy said people should still take steps to chill down.

“Even as the weather gets colder, you should take precautions when engaging in outdoor activities and drink plenty of water,” she said.

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