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Just days before the 2 contestants appear in Atlanta, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign has announced that it’s going to host greater than 300 debate nights and hold 1,600 organizational events in the times leading as much as the event as President Joe Biden prepares for the meeting. CampDavid.

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will meet in Georgia on Thursday for the primary of two debates ahead of their November presidential runoff elections. The clash comes at a time when polls suggest the election could go either way, with each men deeply but nearly equally unpopular and yet at the highest of their parties' ticket lines.

According to a memo on Sunday, Biden's campaign team appears to expect the talk to be their man's big moment, giving the elder statesman a likelihood to stipulate the differences between him and his opponent on abortion, immigration and Trump's stated plans for the U.S. economy if he wins a second term.

Michael Tyler, Biden-Harris 2024 communications director, says that “the choice the American people will see on stage between President Biden, who will fight for the American people, and Donald Trump, who will take the stage as a convicted felon,” couldn’t be clearer.

“On Thursday, the American people will see two different visions of the future on stage in Atlanta: President Biden's vision in which freedoms are protected and all Americans have a fair chance, and Donald Trump's grim 'vision' in which he rules as a dictator from day one, giving tax breaks to the super-rich at the expense of the middle class and stripping women of their rights,” Tyler said.

While Biden sits with advisers and debate preparers, is on the campaign trail and informal meetings with Republican Party heavyweights and potential vice presidential candidates.

While Speech in Philadelphia on SaturdayTrump took aim at Biden's preparations for the talk, then said the forty sixth president would want to get a “shot in the butt” and be “totally high” to get through the talk.

Trump then attacked the talk moderators, CNN anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper (or “Fake” Tapper, in Trump’s language), claiming that a New York criminal court had still imposed a news blackout on him – ordered before his Conviction in 34 cases of falsifying his business documents to cover up hush money payments to a porn star – could affect his ability to reply questions from the moderators.

Trump asked the audience in Philly whether he should respect the talk rules and be quiet when his microphone is off or raise his voice while Biden is speaking.

“Should I be tough and mean?” Trump asked.

MassGOP Chairwoman Amy Carnevale said the talk shall be forum for Trump to voice his opinions and provides voters likelihood to see the differences between the 2 candidates and take into consideration what a second term under either candidate would seem like.

“For President Biden, I think the most important issue is competence. I think he has to show that he is competent to stay in office for another four years because that is the big question on the minds of voters.” she said“I think voters want to see what both candidates will do in their second term.”

Thursday's debate is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. and not using a studio audience and shall be broadcast on CNN. The second debate shall be hosted by ABC and is scheduled for September 10.

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