Elon Musk is accused of illegally selling $7.5 billion price of Tesla shares before a weak sales report sent the corporate's price plummeting

By Chris Isidore | CNN

New York – Elon Musk and the Tesla board are facing a shareholder lawsuit for selling $7.5 billion price of Tesla shares in late 2022. The sale got here ahead of a January 2023 earnings report that sent the stock price plummeting.

musk A complete of 41.5 million Tesla shares were sold between Nov. 4 and Dec. 12, company filings show, as he liquidated a few of his holdings to unlock money for his recently accomplished purchase of Twitter.

The sales got here not long after a quarterly earnings call on October 19, 2022, by which he told investors, “I can't stress this enough, we have excellent demand for the fourth quarter.”

But when Tesla reported In the fourth quarter, sales were significantly weaker than forecast, leading to a 12% drop in share price, the worst trading day for the stock in greater than two years.

“Musk profited from his misconduct and the exploitation of material and detrimental inside information,” says the lawsuit filed by shareholder Michael Perry. The lawsuit demands that Musk repay the corporate the take advantage of the stock sale and reimburse Perry for his legal fees and other costs in filing the lawsuit.

Musk likely knew on the time of the sale that the weaker sales report was coming, the lawsuit says. Tesla cut its prices in China by as much as 9% on October 24, 2022, starting a Series of price reductions This has led to a drop in prices for electric vehicles from Tesla and other automakers within the face of weaker-than-forecast sales.

And in April last yr, Musk boasted about Tesla's cutting-edge sales figures – in comparison with automakers that don’t sell their vehicles on to customers but to a network of independent dealers.

“I'm not sure there's any company in the world that has better real-time data than Tesla, except maybe SpaceX Starlink,” he told investors on the time, referring to considered one of his other corporations.

Tesla stock sales financed Twitter purchase

But from April to December 2022, Musk sold $22.9 billion price of Tesla stock in unscheduled sales to spice up his Purchase price $44 billion of Twitter this yr.

His sales in November and December 2022, in addition to the value cuts in China, helped depress the value of Tesla shares even before the January sales report. His sale on November 4, 2022, was at a median price of $208.58, in keeping with filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. His last sales of this group, on December 14, were at a median price of $158.37 that day.

But the fourth-quarter sales report in January, which was released on a Sunday, sent Shares fell from $123.18 to $108.10 on the close of trading last Friday.

However, Tesla shares soon recovered and greater than doubled over the course of 2023, closing at $248.48. But shares have struggled this yr, losing 29% of their value by Monday's close.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Delaware Chancery Court and first reported by BloombergTesla, which doesn’t have a public relations department, didn’t reply to a request for comment.

The lawsuit comes at a time when Tesla Obtaining shareholder approval to return the stock options to Musk that he withdrawn in a court decision in January in Delaware. Two influential consulting firms have called on shareholders to To vote against his controversial billion-dollar salary package and raised concerns concerning the CEO's quite a few side projects.

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