Flying electric taxi company prepares aviation network to shorten commute in Bay Area

SAN JOSE – Archer Aviation has unveiled preliminary plans for a regional “urban air mobility network” that might dramatically reduce travel times and revolutionize the best way people commute within the Bay Area by utilizing flying taxis.

The electric air taxi company envisions a network within the Bay Area that might dramatically reduce the time people must commute.

Archer Aviation headquarters at 190 West Tasman Drive in north San Jose, pictured in December 2022. (Google Maps)
Archer Aviation headquarters at 190 West Tasman Drive in north San Jose. (Google Maps)

“Archer's planned urban air mobility network is designed to provide unprecedented connectivity to communities in the region, allowing people to replace one- to two-hour car trips to cities around the bay with flights that take approximately 10 to 20 minutes,” Archer Aviation said in an email the corporate sent to this news organization.

An actual estate giant and Archer Aviation have negotiated a preliminary cope with an actual estate titan that might give Archer access to a vital anchor for the town's mobility network.

“Archer and Kilroy Realty Corp. recently signed a letter of intent identifying Kilroy's Oyster Point South San Francisco project as a key node in Archer's Bay Area network,” Archer said in the e-mail.

According to the technology company, the Oyster Point site could also become a location for water transportation.

“Kilroy and Archer are exploring the development of a proposed Sea Portal waterfront mobility hub for eVTOL aircraft and electric ferry operations using renewable energy,” Archer said in the e-mail.

San Jose-based Archer Aviation is moving forward with plans to fabricate, mass produce and deliver electric aircraft that may function flying taxis.

The regional airline network that Archer envisions within the Bay Area could have hubs in several Bay Area cities.

“Archer’s planned urban air mobility network includes takeoff and landing sites in South San Francisco, Napa, San Jose, Oakland and Livermore,” the technology company said in the e-mail.

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