Joe Mazzulla took the Celtics coaches on an amphibious vehicle tour before the season


Joe Mazzulla and the remainder of the Celtics sing a hymn of joy Friday morning as a convoy of amphibious vehicles carries the most recent NBA champions from TD Garden to Boylston Street as a part of Boston's latest title parade and celebration.

But it won't be the primary time that Mazzulla and the remainder of his team will sit on the roof of one in every of the legendary amphibious vehicles and drive through Boston.

Speaking at “Zolak and Bertrand” on 98.5 The Sports Hub on ThursdayMazzulla admitted that he took an amphibious vehicle tour with your complete Boston coaching staff before the beginning of the 2023-24 season.

With several latest additions to his coaching staff, including Charles Lee and Sam Cassel, Mazzulla wanted to arrange a retreat for your complete staff to strengthen cohesion amongst his employees.

Instead of selecting an out-of-town location, Mazulla stressed that his coaches needed to learn more in regards to the city the Celtics desired to win a title for.

And given the Celtics' championship ambitions entering 2023-24, Mazzulla was well aware that a preseason duck boat trip may very well be a prophetic move if Boston Banner won '18.

“We kind of started it,” Mazzulla said. “I said, 'We're going to start the season with the amphibious vehicle tour.' The staff did one — most coaches' retreats, the guys go away, to Cape Cod, other places, we had our coaches' retreat in downtown Boston. We had new staff and we created this identity by building a connection to the city, and I said, 'We're doing our staff retreat in Boston.'

“We're going to eat in Boston, we're going to the Boston Hotel and we're going to do a duck boat tour so we understand the town and its history. We have to know what this is actually about.' We did one at the start of the 12 months. We're going to complete with one.”

It's fair to say Mazzulla is expecting a little more fanfare for himself, his coaching staff and the rest of the Celtics when they climb into the amphibious vehicles again Friday morning.

“I'm really excited to see how people support the players. It's going to be great,” Mazzulla said. “The coolest thing about being a coach is watching a bunch of fellows give all of it up, and I believe that's what our guys did.”

“I believed it was underrated – the attitude, the humility, the sacrifice that the fellows have made all season. And it's going to be really fun to observe them enjoy that.”

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