Lawmakers need to rename Boston Convention Center after Menino

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The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center within the Seaport could soon have a brand new name.

The members of the House of Representatives approved the renaming of the convention center after former Mayor Thomas Menino within the Economic Development Act They published the ReportsThis step comes shortly before the tenth anniversary of his death.

The bill calls for the convention center to be named the Thomas Michael Menino Convention and Exhibition Center.

Representative Aaron Michlewitz told the station that Menino had Vision for the redevelopment of the seaport.

“He had an unwavering desire to get it done somehow, and I mean, it's not perfect. There are definitely still some challenges related to growth. But from where it is now to where it was is remarkable and a testament to his vision,” Michlewitz told the newspaper.

Angela Menino said it was “very emotional” that her husband was being remembered.

“This is an incredible honor and our family couldn't be more grateful to the leadership for thinking of him and recognizing his love for this city by naming the convention center…now I know he will always be remembered. Thank you, thank you,” she said, based on the newspaper.

Boy died in October 2014 after a battle with cancer.

Accordingly The House of Representatives' bill will probably be put to a vote on Thursday.

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