Los Gatos restaurateur opens second Grocer+Goddess at San Jose Airport

After opening a second Grocer+Goddess location at San Jose Mineta International Airport a few month ago, owner and entrepreneur Yvonne Khananis is now introducing a brand new concept at the unique location of her fast-casual restaurant and market in Los Gatos.

Amano Authentic Mexican by Grocer+ Goddess was scheduled to open in Los Gatos on June 12. Since there are few inexpensive Mexican dinner options in town, Khananis developed the brand new concept, which shall be available within the evenings.

“We stop serving breakfast and lunch at 3 p.m. and then switch to our Mexican-inspired menu for dinner starting at 5 p.m.,” she says. “Who doesn't like Mexican food?”

It plans to introduce the Amano concept at San Jose Airport at a later date.

Khananis also has a gluten-free bakery called Oy! and owns and operates the favored gluten-free and celiac-safe restaurant Polenteria in downtown Los Gatos.

Khananis is collaborating on the Amano Authentic Mexican concept with Adrian Loto and Jonathan Vellasco, chefs at Polenteria and Grocer+Goddess, respectively.

Although the menu was still being put together at press time, expect classics of Mexican cuisine, including esquite (street corn), nachos, gaucomole and chips, flautas, ceviche with shrimp and fish, enchiladas (with a alternative of green, creamy-spicy morita or red guajillo sauces), street tacos (bisteca, pollo, al pastor and camarones for $5 each) and chilaquiles with a alternative of mole, verde or red sauce.

Salad lovers can enjoy a burrito bowl with quinoa, black beans and roasted corn; lamb's lettuce with goat cheese and spicy pecans; kale with chili-lime peanuts; tortilla strips with dried cranberries and queso fresco; or a Southwest salad with jicama and roasted corn, topped with a spicy cilantro dressing.

Definitely a departure from traditional Mexican cuisine, there’s a Chinese chicken salad in addition to a bowl of enormous grains, sauerkraut, heirloom brown rice, kale, red beans, herb-baked tofu, carrots, braised mushrooms, sprouts and a carrot-ginger dressing.

For children under 10, there’s a $10 kids' menu, including cheese quesadillas, a plate of fried chicken thighs with beans and rice, and a cheese burrito.

Amano by Grocer+Goddess is positioned at 9 Montebello Way in Los Gatos. Hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 5-10pm. Reservations are advisable. https://grocerandgoddess.combut spontaneous visitors are welcome.

Retail? Oy!

Additionally, Khananis is expanding the scope of her Oy! Gluten-Free Baking Company with a brand new wholesale model designed to provide gluten-free breads, pastries and confectionery to retail partners throughout the Bay Area.

The original gluten-free bakery business is a completely happy byproduct of developing Polenteria's gluten-free bread recipes. “Demand for these baked goods exceeded the available space in the restaurant,” says Khananis. “We needed a dedicated area to serve the long lines of customers waiting for the store to open each morning.”

Oy! Gluten-Free Bakery is positioned at 276 N. Santa Cruz Ave., Los Gatos, behind the Wells Fargo Bank.

image credit : www.mercurynews.com