Melinda French Gates supports Joe Biden as presidential candidate

Melinda French Gates, a philanthropist and ex-wife of Microsoft The organization's co-founder, Bill Gates, announced Thursday that she’s going to vote for President Joe Biden within the 2024 presidential election, writing in an opinion piece that “the stakes for women and families couldn't be higher.”

“I have never endorsed a presidential candidate. My work on gender equality and global health often requires me to work with leaders from both camps, so I have avoided speaking publicly about who I voted for in past elections,” French Gates said. wrote within the comment published by CNN.

“But this year is different,” she wrote. “After [former President Donald] Trump's first term endangered women's health, compromised their safety, and robbed them of basic freedoms. I support Biden on this election and urge others to do the identical.”

In explaining her support, French Gates focused on both candidates' track records on women's issues – the subject of much of French Gates' philanthropic work.

“While Trump has boasted about rolling back women's rights, Biden understands that the longer term of our country will depend on them. That's why Biden deserves my vote. I urge everyone who cares about women and families to affix me.”

A Trump campaign spokesman didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment from CNBC.

French Gates announced in May that she would step down as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, nearly three years after she and her ex-husband announced their separation. Her last day at the muse was June 7.

Under the terms of the Gates' divorce settlement, French Gates left the muse with a $12.5 billion grant. Her net value is estimated at greater than $13 billion, in response to Bloomberg.

In her statement of support on Thursday, French Gates didn’t say whether she plans to donate to Biden's campaign.

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