Rainbow family meeting in California causes some residents to be upset

The Rainbow Family Gathering near Susanville has some residents on edge, with officials warning of potential crime and environmental damage as 1000’s of attendees make their technique to a venue within the national forest.

Since 1972, the Rainbow Family of Living Light has met every summer on undeveloped public land for a “non-commercial wilderness camping experience where we practice living in peace.” This yr, a site near Red Rock Lookout within the mountains of Plumas National Forest was chosen. Shortly after the venue was announced on June 17, visitors began arriving for the event.

Press releases from Plumas National Forest leaders cite health, safety and environmental risks and indicate that the Rainbow Family shouldn’t be applying for a special permit required for events with greater than 75 people. “They claim to have no leaders or member of the group who can speak for them or sign a permit on behalf of the group,” the knowledge states. posted by the Forest Service.

Last week, two forestry orders were issued regarding driving and parking near the group's campsite.

Meanwhile, police departments in surrounding communities are warning residents to “remain vigilant and secure their property” as their officers will likely be thinly spread in the favored recreation area in the course of the holiday week.

A press release from the Plumas County Sheriff's Office said the Rainbow Family “often includes individuals who engage in illegal or socially unacceptable behavior, such as public nudity, civil disobedience, drug or alcohol abuse, and confrontations with locals.” The agency urged residents to lock their cars and “keep valuables out of their yards,” and Susanville Public Safety Director Mike Bollinger advised residents to not “pick up hitchhikers for the next few weeks,” in accordance with SierraDailyNews.com.

Lassen County Supervisor Jason Ingram urged residents to affix him on Friday to “resist (respectfully and peacefully) in any way possible.” A plan to drive to the campsite in a caravan was apparently abandoned, but Ingram claimed in a Facebook post that he and a number of other people went to the world on Sunday and were attacked by members of the Rainbow Family.

A Website for the participants of the meeting promotes respectful and peaceful behavior. “Alcohol is discouraged, weapons are inappropriate, violence is contrary to the spirit,” it says, and points out that cannabis is illegitimate in national forests.

The Forest Service is organizing a virtual public meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 25, to tell “local residents and visitors” concerning the meeting.

image credit : www.mercurynews.com