UNESCO World Heritage site in China installs toilet timers for tourists – The Mercury News

“I’m almost done.” Apparently, at one location in China, there is no such thing as a longer any need for a clumsy toilet conversation.

The Yungang Grottoes in China are a serious tourist attraction, but they’ve recently turn out to be more notorious for his or her toilet regulations. Officials have installed timers on the toilets at this UNESCO World Heritage site to hurry up procedures.

Sorry for the unintentional pun.

A video in regards to the toilets was even shown on Chinese news programs. The reports showed timers above each stall in the ladies's restrooms. A digital display shows whether the stall is empty or how much time the person has left in it.

Officials said they’d not interrupt or eject anyone.

“I thought it was quite technologically advanced, you don't have to queue outside or knock on a toilet door,” said one visitor. “But I also found it a bit embarrassing. I felt like I was being monitored.”

The timers were installed on May 1, which apparently sparked great debate on Chinese social media.

“A tourist attraction is not an office – who would spend their time in the toilet? Is that really necessary?” read one post.

“Why don’t they just spend the money on building more toilets?” said one other.

Of course, you may all the time attempt to hold on to it.


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