“Furiosa” | Anatomy of a Scene

Hi, I'm George Miller, director of Furiosa. At this point within the film, we have now Furiosa, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, and Praetorian Jack, played by Tom Burke, arriving at Bullet Farm where they're imagined to pick up all this ammo and weapons for this battle. But once they get to Bullet Farm, something strange happens. When they see the dog with its foot in its mouth, they realize that's Dementus' dog. And at that moment, they know that Dementus has one way or the other taken over Bullet Farm. She gets out just in time, and the opposite automobile that got here with them is largely cut in half by this massive steel portcullis. And that shot was very difficult. Anya needed to make this 180-degree turn. The portcullis fell down. But timing her turn and the portcullis falling down and crushing the opposite automobile was very, very difficult. [GUNSHOT] So there's a certain a part of this sequence that doesn't have music because music could be redundant, so it's not scored. The rating only is available in when it informs what's happening between our two most important characters. They should react within the moment, as all warriors do, and get out of this example. And in doing so, they put their very own interests aside. One for the opposite. What follows is that through their actions, not through their words and their guarantees to one another, but through their actions, they really develop into willing to present themselves completely to the opposite. [ENGINE RUMBLE] So in a way it's type of a love story in the midst of an motion scene. That's at all times the guts of any motion sequence. It's not only in regards to the kinetics and the sound. It's in regards to the interaction of the characters. It's driven by the characters and the interaction of the characters is what interests us probably the most.

image credit : www.nytimes.com