I like him, but I'm afraid of the mother of his children

DEAR ABBY: I even have been with my husband for seven years.

The problem is that her mother keeps calling him to ask about bills for her house and the kids's needs. He pays her phone bill, water bill, electricity bill and sometimes the web bill and provides her money every month for the kids. He says he does this because he doesn't pay child support and he desires to handle his children.

He says he won’t ever get back together along with his mother. He tells me he loves me and he shows it.

He says when the youngsters graduate from highschool in two years, he won't have a reason to seek advice from their mom or pay her bills. He wants his kids to depart school and go to school.

I’m very anxious concerning the future development of our relationship. He gives me a variety of details about what is going on between the mother, the kids and him. The woman is dangerous and unpredictable. She attacked him twice with a knife.

Should I stick it out for the subsequent two years or move on? I like him very much.

DEAR SUSPENDED: Hang in there, but understand that it's time to debate this together with your boyfriend.

Suggest that he speak to a family law attorney now about his children's college education. In some states, courts have the authority, by statute or case law, to require a noncustodial parent to pay certain college expenses.

As for the unstable mother of his children, you possibly can rest assured that she will probably be one indignant woman if he stops paying her bills. If she threatens to kill him again, he should report her to the police immediately and file for a restraining order or a no-contact order.

DEAR ABBY: My girlfriend had back surgery and has been depending on a walker or a cane ever since.

We exit to eat very often. When the hostess shows us to our seats, she often leads us to a table removed from the door, bypassing many empty tables. Sometimes we even needed to walk up or down just a few steps.

I do know that restaurants have a seating system, but it surely can be nice if they may acknowledge their maneuverability and seat us closer to the doorway or exit.

I'm sure a variety of people have this problem. I might say something, but my girlfriend says she can be embarrassed. How do others solve this problem?

If you and this friend drop by spontaneously and not using a reservation, discreetly tell the host where you want to to sit down.

The restaurant can be if it avoided potential liability for tripping and falling accidents and didn’t force the guest to undergo an obstacle course.

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