My recent husband's work life is becoming worrying

DEAR HARRIETTE: My husband, 31, and I, 29, got married just two months ago. In that short time, he has quit two jobs and is now on his third job.

I'm undecided methods to address this recurring pattern and support him effectively. The constant job changes and stress-related ailments are beginning to put a strain on me and our funds.

I don't wish to sound too pushy, but I'm apprehensive in regards to the coming months if this pattern continues.

DEAR HUSBAND LOOKING FOR A JOB: Take a step back for a moment. What was your husband's skilled life like before you bought married?

Did he have a gentle job? Was his work rooted in him? How did he spend his time throughout the day?

Then take into consideration what has happened because you got married. What has modified?

Talk to your husband about his situation and ask him what is happening. Carefully discover what has caused this run-in and restlessness. Talk to him about your plans as a family and discover what he wants in the long run.

If you two have talked about this up to now, remind him of your shared ideas and discuss how you possibly can get back on course.

Be serious once you consult with him. Let your husband know the way disruptive his erratic behavior has turn out to be at work and the way it's affecting your household funds. If he shuts down once you attempt to consult with him, resume the conversation later.

This is simply too vital to disregard. You need to search out a way that features clear communication between the 2 of you about your life together and your future.

DEAR HARRIETTE: I actually have developed feelings for my therapist who offers me counseling to assist me manage anxiety and stress.

I feel interested in him and this looks like greater than just an expert relationship.

While I appreciate his support and guidance in coping with my mental health issues, I struggle with the moral dilemma of wanting to ask him out. The considered crossing that line feels inappropriate, but I can't ignore these feelings.

I'm undecided methods to handle this without disrupting the therapy process.

DEAR WHO FALLS FOR MY THERAPIST: Although it will not be unusual for a patient to develop feelings for a therapist, it will be unethical for the therapist to reciprocate those feelings in any way.

Whether or not you date this therapist will not be a lot the difficulty, but you’ll have a tough time listening to him and dealing together if you’ve feelings for him.

Be honest with him. If he’s an actual skilled, he’ll assist you to find one other therapist.

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